As an affiliate your residential leadership organization gains access to a multitude of amazing resources, networking opportunities, leadership development trainings and much more. When becoming a member institution of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH) you get access to all of what you heard before, but also to life changing experiences and the chance to make an impact with residents all over the country, and world.


Legislation is one of the most important tools for organizing our region and supporting our affiliated schools. This legislation grid contains the most updated information on our region's past legislation. Click more to view.


Every month, the IACURH Associate Director for Administration and Finance publishes a budget report for review by the regional affiliates. Check out the reports each month and report any discrepancies to the ADAF at ia_adaf@nacurh.orgThe button below will take you to the FY 22 Operating Budget.


Each year the Regional Board of Directors puts together a One Year Platform, outlining the things they hope to accomplish during their term. The One Year Platform is passed by the Regional Board of Representatives at the Regional Leadership Conference in the fall.