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Regional Leadership Conference 2023

Community Kitchen Garden

IACURH's Regional Leadership Conference 2023 was held at the University of Northern Colorado from November 3rd-November 5th! See below for a recap :)

Michael Kirkpatrick (UNCO) and Thomas Winters (NAU) proposed legislation for the IACURH mascot to be a stegosaurus and our RBR passed it!

Go Steggies!

Regional Leadership Conference 2023.png

Congratulations to our Golden Summit, Trailblazer, Silver Pin, and Silver Diamond Pin recipients!

You are all amazing, great job going above and beyond!

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Congratulations to our Award Bid winners!

We commend all your hard work!

Thank you our incredible RLC 2023 Conference Team!

We appreciate all your hard work and dedication <3

Looking for photos from RLC 2023?

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