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Mountain Lake

IACURH Branding


As a founding affiliate we understand the importance for tradition, but don't want to get bogged down by what has been done and strive to always be forward-thinking and innovative. 

While the Intermountain is comprised of so many cultural identities and experiences there is one thing that connects us all, the Rocky Mountains. Much like the great mountains IACURH is here to inspire all of our affiliates. 


As an affiliate of NACURH Inc, IACURH empowers, motivates and equips residence hall leaders by providing them with skills and resources in order for them to excel and positively impact their campus communities. 


The National Association of College and University Residence Halls, NACURH Inc, seeks to create a network of engaged citizens sharing common experiences through residential leadership opportunities. 


Whenever possible our logo should be the grey mountains. When encountering issues with contrast or to make a statement the mountains can be used in one of our other colors. The mountain should not be edited to any other colors without approval from the Coordinating officer for Marketing and Technology. 

IA MTN Grey Solo.png

We try to be flexible about the usage of our logo, where you choose to place it on a design is up to you. We prefer center or a top left-hand corner. if you ever have questions about placement just look at some of our documents like the Policy book or Mountain Monday. 


Altering the logo in anyway, specifically avoid altering the colors, scale or proportions of the design.

Using the logo as part of a sentence.

Cropping or rotating the logo.

Adding any visual effects to the logo, such as: 3D, drop shadows, beveling, extrusions, etc.

Our logo is important to us, and therefore we ask that just like the mountains it is inspired by you respect the imagery and allow it to be viewed without alterations. 


IACURH Red is the primary color in companion with Mountain Grey, together the produce the colors of our logo and most imagery be it in print, on social media or anywhere else you might see us. 

Deep black and White are our secondary colors and are mostly used for text and decorative style elements. 

Deep Black

RGB: 19 19 20

CMYK: 5 5 0 92

HEX: #131314

HSL: 0 0 0


RGB: 255 255 255

CMYK: 0 0 0 0 

HEX: #ffffff

HSL: 0 0 100

Mountain Grey

RGB: 163 163 163

CMYK: 0 0 0 36

HEX: #a3a3a3

HSL: 0 0 64


RGB: 128 0 0

CMYK: 0 100 100 50

HEX: #800000

HSL: 0 100 25


Typography is a big part of our visual identity, especially when the majority of our communications come accross the internet. Whenever possible IACURH uses Century Gothic.



Bold - 96 pt - Ltr Sp 0 - Ln Sp 1.3

Section Header

Title Case

Bold - 46 pt - Ltr Sp 0 - Ln Sp 1.3


Bold - 26 pt - Ltr Sp 0 - Ln Sp 1.3

Body Copy

Regular - 16 pt - Ltr Sp 0 - Ln Sp 1.3


Regular - 12 pt - Ltr Sp 0 - Ln Sp 1.3

We also understand that not everyone has access to the Adobe suite and the font we utilize, so we have come up with a series of fallback options available on Canva, a free web-based design platform. 

Copy of Pardon our Dust!.png


Consistent interactions are important to maintain a consistent experience, when creating CTA (call to action) buttons they should provide a consistent experience whenever and for whomever is using them. 

Buttons can vary in width and even height when it makes sense, though buttons should always be IACURH red with white text, and have corners with a radius of 15 px.

Button Description


Our organization is focused on students and student leadership, therefore whenever looking for imagery of people strive to utilize photos of student leaders in colleges or universities. Preferably those student leaders from IACURH affiliates.

When looking for scenic imagery like mountains strive to utilize images of the Rocky Mountains and other ranges native to IACURH States. While all mountains are beautiful we have our favorites. 


Image Edits

We strive to be authentic in the experiences of our member schools and reps, therefore please avoid major alterations of any nature to images used for IACURH. We are proud of how every school and student leader presents themselves and you should be too!

When providing a filter for an image please only utilize IACURH Grey with an opacity of 55%.

If you wish to place large text blocks over an image please utilize a White box with an opacity of 85%


The Best By Far



As an affiliate of NACURH Inc, IACURH empowers, motivates and equips residence hall leaders by providing them with skills and resources in order for them to excel and positively impact their campus communities. 

Writing Style

Our voice and virtual presence are how our affiliates most frequently interact with us. We speak with our members like the students both they, and we are. We aim to empower them while striving to maintain realistic expectations of them. 

We try to avoid too much jargon whenever possible.

We write as the students we are.

We speak with confidence while remaining casual, inviting everyone to feel more comfortable.

We strive to be the best by far, but we aren't cocky about it.

We know that everyone is trying their best and that we should be acting as the example.

We want to support all of our amazing student leaders whenever possible.

While we want to remain casual and confident then are a few expectations we maintain to help our readers have an easier experience.

All body text should be left aligned, left align text makes it easer for people to read.

We never use a serif typeface, serifs have small tails on each letter that make it more difficult for people with learning disabilities to read, so we take that problem out of the equation. 


Thank you for taking the time to review our branding and style guidelines, if you ever have questions or notice anything out of date or not meeting our standards, please email the Coordinating Officer for Marketing & Technology at

NACURH Bluetag Top-01_edited.png
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