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IACURH offers a variety of ways to advertise with us. You are able to request advertisements on both our social media platforms and our weekly newsletter the Mountain Monday. While there is no cost to advertise with us we do require that you be affiliated with NACURH (such as a regional affiliate, member institution, corporate partner/sponsor, etc.),

Types of Advertising

- Mountain Monday

The Monday Monday is a weekly publication sent to members across the region to inform of news, upcoming chats, provide conference updates, and share general information for member institutions. Requests to be included in the Mountain Monday must be submitted by Sundays, at 1 p.m. MDT.

- Social Media

Social media requests will be shared on the IACURH official accounts, and if relevant, the IACURH conference accounts. These requests must be received at least 48 hours before requested posting date to be shared. Instagram stories should follow the same request timeline, though please note *Instagram stories expire 24 hours after posting. 

if you ever have questions please email the Coordinating Officer for Marketing & Technology at


We will not accept advertising requests from non NACURH-affiliated organizations.

Designs must include:

  • Name of organization advertising

  • Clear and accessible information

IACURH reserves the right to reject artwork that does not meet the standards outline above.

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