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Housing and Dining

On this page you will information about Housing and Dining while attending the conference. 

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

RBC Newsletter


During Conference we will be staying at the Spring Hills Suites. The button below is a direct link to their website. Please let us know if you have any questions.



Friday Dinner

Dinner Friday night will be on your own, we recommend dinner on the town. Click on the RBC Newsletter button above for dining recommendations.


Saturday, Sunday, Monday Breakfast

Breakfast will be provided by the hotel. Please see schedule for breakfast times.


Saturday Lunch and Dinner, Sunday Lunch

Lunch and Dinner will be held in the USU Conference Center which is approximately 250 ft.

Sunday Dinner

Dinner on Sunday will be held at the Riverwood's Conference Center which is attached to the Hotel. This will be the closing banquet so remember Dress to Impress Yourself. 

Conference On-Call

(435) 994-0254


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