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What is the delegate cap?

The delegate cap for RLC 2023 is 9 delegates (Including Big 3) + 2 advisors. 

What will the delegate cost be?

The delegate cost for RLC 2023 is $350 (double occupancy room) or $380 (single room occupancy, only approved on a case-by-case basis) per delegate

What will conference housing look like?

We will be housing you in some of our offline dorms. Due to restrictions on the amount of space available, all rooms (delegate & advisor) will be double occupancy, with one person per bed. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with those primarily going to institutions with "one-person, one-room" policies that are unable to or choose not to opt out of those policies. These dorms also have community-style bathrooms, and we will make sure there are adequate options for all gender identities!

Will transportation be provided?

We will be offering transportation for delegations to/from Denver International Airport, using our own university-owned vehicles. For institutions that would like to take advantage of our offering of transportation, there will be a slight additional charge to help offset some of our costs (I do not know what that charge will be at this time). We will ask for flight information when registration is sent out, if you have it available then, but I highly encourage you to start looking at flights sooner than later to get an idea of times, availability, & costs.

For any schools that transport themselves, either from their institution or in rental vehicle from the airport, you will need to pay for parking on our campus if you arrive before 5:00pm MT on Friday, November 3rd, and/or plan on leaving after 8:00am MT on Monday, November 6th. Between those times (so, over the weekend), our Parking Services does not enforce parking, with the exception of service, handicap, etc. spots, so you would then not need to purchase parking.

If you have any more questions or concerns please reach out to Caden Campbell (

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