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Why should I create an IACURH profile?

Creating a profile on the IACURH website allows you to connect with other members around the region!

If you are a member of your institution's RHA or NRHH, having a profile can allow you to connect with people at other school's who hold the same position as you in their respective organization.

This is a more personalized way for the region to get to know and help each other!


When you sign up for a profile, you also have to submit the form below! You won't get approved unless you have done both these items :-)

How to create a profile:

1. Click the sign in option in the top right corner of the website

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 4.24.05 PM.png

2. Choose any sign up option and go through that process to the end.

3. Submit the IACURH Profile google form

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4. Once you go through both of these processes, wait to get approved and then you can start setting up your profile woo yay!

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