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Welcome to the NRHH Portal! Here you will the most up to date news of IACURH, contact info for other schools, and much more.

Note from AD-NRHH:

Hello NRHH Presidents!

Welcome to the NRHH President portal. This is where you can find monthlies, other chapter’s

constitutions, chats, and more!

My name is Amy Zeigler and I am serving as your Associate Director for NRHH for the 2016-2017 school

year. I am hosted at the University of Northern Colorado and I am studying Business Administration with

an emphasis in Finance and a minor in Computer Information Systems. I have been involved in many

areas of IACURH and residence life. I have served on my community (hall) council, I was the Vice

President of Recognition for my school’s NRHH chapter, and last year I was the NRHH President. I have

served on all levels of the OTM selection committee as well as the IAUCHR NRHH Initiatives Task Force.

I am here to serve you all as a resource. I will be releasing monthlies that will help me know how you all

are doing during the month. Monthlies will be released the 25 th of each month and will be due the 5 th of

the following month. I will also post each chapter’s constitution as it is approved through the affiliation

process. I have found it helpful to look at how other chapter’s run especially if you want to change

something on your campus. You can find the contact information for other President’s in our region. I

will post the agenda and minutes from our regional chats on the website. The agenda items will be

announcements that I have for all of you and talking points taken from the monthlies.

Please feel free to reach out!

Diamond and Monkey Love!

Amy Zeigler


Phone: (303) 242-2863

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