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this year

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this year

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How to be a Team Player

Team Communication

Mary McNamara

In the age of mass information and an up and coming educated generation...

RLC 2018 Conference Memo

BYU Conference 2018 Staff

Dear IACURH, We hope you are ready for Regional Leadership Conference this year because as a conference staff we are more excited than ever to put on an incredible experience for you all...

One Last Time

Teach Them How to Say Goodbye

Jamie Lloyd

Each year as it starts to feel more like spring on campus I am reminded that in a few short weeks RHAs, NRHH chapters and community/hall councils will all be clamoring to create closure for the year...

Let's Discuss

Assumptions of Identity

Renee Romero

Identity is defined in the dictionary as a noun that means “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.” Identity is a way we feel part of a community and see ourselves with others...

Get Learnt

The Importance of NRHH Education

Matt Denney

The question I have gotten recently has been “How do we educate our chapter members?” At the Regional Business Conference, within my own NRHH Chapter...

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