Are you interested in presenting an educational session at the conference? 


Educational sessions are the primary use of time for delegates at a conference. The number of program sessions offered is entirely dependent on other activities being provided to delegates. Educational sessions are presentations on topics that delegates are passionate or knowledgeable about. These vary from health & wellness to leadership development to program ideas. Educational sessions can relate to the theme of the conference as well. Below are a list of topics that should help provide some direction when deciding where your topic might fit.



Roll Call


Roll call videos and performances will be held during Opening Ceremonies on Friday, November 11th. Your roll call should embody the theme of the conference, and show pride for your institution. More details regarding roll call are to be found on the website. 







Reminder that registration closes on Friday, October 14th at 11:59 pm. Be sure to fill out both the institutional and individual registration forms. Late registration will open up on October 15th but will have an additional charge for delegates and advisors. Additional registration spots may open after completion of all registration for institutions that wish to bring extra delegates. 





Social Media 

Please be sure to follow us at @ia_conf on instagram for updates about the conference, pre-conference spirit points, and introductions to the conference planning team. 



We cannot wait to see you all on November 11th for IACURH’s first in person conference since 2019! Start building those delegations and making awesome roll calls!


Mountain and Diamond Love, 

Devin Martinez, RLC 2022 Conference Chair 

October 10th Updates

October 3rd Updates



On behalf of the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) team, Northern Arizona University (NAU), and the city of Flagstaff we are excited to announce the opening of registration for RLC 2022 Roadways to Leadership! In this email, we will be going over pertinent details leading up to your arrival at NAU on November 11. We will be covering transportation details, delegate costs, housing, and expanding on the theme of this conference. 


Please follow the conference on Instagram @ia_conf!

Contact IA_conf@nacurh.org and NAURLC@nau.edu with any questions. Feel free to also contact members of the RBC and your advisors.



As a delegation, you will be traveling to Arizona, likely by car/van or plane. We encourage schools to take the most affordable option for you and your institution. 


Vans/Cars Parking Passes

Flagstaff Pulliam Airport: We will have NAU vans available for pick up from the Flagstaff Pulliam Airport on the 11th. Since it is a roughly 15-minute drive from the airport to the hotel, we will have van pick-ups for the most part on the hour. This goes for drop-off as well on Monday, November 14.


Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport: We will be providing coach buses from the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport on the 11th. These buses will be departing the airport ( 1 bus at 11:15 am, 2 buses at 1:15 pm, or 1 bus at 4:00 pm). Please be sure you plan for your flights to arrive with enough time to unboard, collect any luggage from the baggage area, and arrive at the shuttle pick-up location. It will also be the beginning of winter for many of our states so please plan for delays as well. A location for pickup will be given closer to the time of the conference. Departure shuttles on Monday, November 14, will be run in a similar fashion and cater to all times of the day.  


Delegate Costs 

Delegate price for a shared room with two delegates sharing a bed (Quad): $340.00 USD or $454.23 CAD

Delegate price for a shared room with one delegate in one bed (Double): $550.00 USD or $701.39 CAD

Advisor price for a shared room with one advisor in one bed (Double): $550.00 USD or $734.79 CAD

Advisor price for a private room with one advisor in one bed (Single): $680.00 USD or $908.46 CAD  



Delegations will be enjoying their stay with the Drury Inn located on NAU's north campus and a short walk to most locations during the conference. Breakfast is all included every morning as well as a small dining option in the afternoons. The Drury provides a snack bar, pool, and many more activities for delegates to use during their stay. Please respect the space, staff and follow all rules and regulations. 

Registration for the Regional Leadership Conference at NAU covers entertainment and session itinerary, a shared room at Drury Inn, and meals for November 12, 13, and the morning of November 14. If you wish to personally arrange alternative private room accommodations, please indicate this on your registration form and the cost will decrease accordingly. The conference planning committee can provide contact information for hotels; the planning committee has not arranged for group rates at these hotels and cannot guarantee space availability.



Dining options will be provided throughout the conference and your stay in Flagstaff. There will be lunch and dinner provided on Saturday 12th, and Sunday the 13th. Breakfast is provided by the Drury hotel as previously stated. To ensure that this conference remains on schedule, dinner on the night of Friday 11th will not be provided by the conference. Fortunately, there are many excellent dining locations surrounding the hotel and downtown flagstaff, we highly encourage delegations to explore if they arrive early. Please plan accordingly and enjoy the provided dining options, please be sure to list delegation dietary restrictions on the registration form so that our team may plan accordingly.  



Roadways to Leadership is meant to embody the idea that there are many different routes to discovering leadership. Flagstaff sits on historic route 66 and has been a staple of the IACURH region since a group of IACURH schools also sit on route 66 and understand the value route 66 has brought to the southwest. We would love to see some creative ideas from schools representing leadership and historic route 66.  


Call for Educational Session Presenters

Please know we’re looking for, and ready to hear some amazing educational sessions at this conference. Please share with us your leadership knowledge and strengths. Intents for educational sessions are planned to be released by Oct 10th. If you have any questions regarding educational sessions please contact members of the RBD, Conference Staff, or your Advisors. 


Flagstaff Fun Fact of the Week:

Although Pluto is no longer considered a planet, Pluto was originally discovered here in Flagstaff at Lowell Observatory. 


Mountain and Diamond love,

Devin Martinez RLC 2022 Conference Chair 

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