Educational Sessions 

Educational sessions are the primary use of time for delegates at a conference. The number of program sessions offered is entirely dependent on other activities being provided to delegates. Educational sessions are presentations on topics that delegates are passionate or knowledgeable about. These vary from health & wellness to leadership development to program ideas. Educational sessions can relate to the theme of the conference as well. Below are a list of topics that should help provide some direction when deciding where your topic might fit.

Educational Session Categories

Find Your Path 

Personal Development

These programs are designed to help you improve your personal skills to drive you though life.


Follow the Signs

Leadership Development 

As you coast through your college experience make sure you follow the signs to ensure you develop your leadership skills with your team.


Hitchhikers Guide to Programming 


During these sessions we will pick you up and give you some tips so your next event gets a thumbs up! (Disclaimer: do not pick up hitchhickers) Tell us about programs happening at your school!


Diversify Your Map


Pack up your bags and get your map out, during these programming sessions some topics might include: sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religion, world affairs, and other important topics.


Fill Your Tank 

Community Service 

Feeling on E? Don’t know where to stop, turn to a friend to fill your cup. Tell us about community service projects your university has going on! 

Educational Session Intent Form

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