The University of Colorado at Boulder welcomes you to the IACURH Regional Leadership Conference 2019 from November 1-4, 2019. Here, you will find all the information you need for this conference. For any additional information about the conference or about CU Boulder, please contact the appropriate conference staff member. 

About Boulder

  • CU Boulder was founded in 1876.

  • CU Boulder has had female students since its inception and female faculty since 1877.

  • All new buildings are required to fit the CU Style: a unique architectural style created by Charles Klauder, who was inspired by the buildings of Tuscany.

  • Every graduating class concludes their graduation ceremony with the Norlin Charge, which was first read to the class of 1935. George Norlin was the 5 th president of CU Boulder and known for standing up to the Ku Klux Klan and warning the country about the dangers of Nazism and Anti-Semitism.

  • During World War II, CU Boulder served as headquarters for the U. S. Navy Japanese Language School.

  • Started in 1948, The Conference on World Affairs is an annual event that brings together thought leaders from across the globe to diversify the student experience and share with the community a range of perspectives on the pressing issues of the day. CWA Week features over 200 events with 100 speakers and performers, attracting more than 70,000 in cumulative attendance each year.

  • The buffalo was adopted as the CU Boulder Mascot in 1934. In 1957, CU Boulder began the tradition of raising a life buffalo mascot, Ralphie. Contrary to the name, Ralphie is a female buffalo and the current mascot is Ralphie V. Don’t worry; the Ralphie program gets surprise inspections of Ralphie’s Ranch by the USDA each year, as well as inspections by Ralphie’s veterinarian to make sure she is well treated and well cared for.

  • CU Boulder has hosted five faculty who have won Nobel Peace Prizes (4 have been in the field of Physics and 1 in the field of Chemistry). One still actively teaches at CU!

  • 18 CU Alumni have become NASA Astronauts.

  • CU Boulder has the nation’s first student run Environmental Center. Started in 1970, it has been ranked as one of the “greenest” schools in the nation for nearly 6 decades.

  • Found in the Heritage Center in Old Main, one can find a LEGO model of the CU Campus
    right down to the Buffalo Shaped Pool.


Conference Staff


To Be Announced

Conference At Large

Chair: Caitlyn O'Brien & Courtney Romero

Advisor: Mary O'Sullivan, Zabrian Oglesby, Jessica Rose


Chair: RJ Walters-Dorchak

Advisor: Zabrian Oglesby, Hilary Brenneman


Chair: RJ Walters-Dorchak

Advisor: Zabrian Oglesby, Hilary Brenneman

Website & Registration

Chair: No Student Chair

Advisor: Hilary Brenneman


Chair: Courtney Romero

Advisor: Garrett Wilson


Chair: Sarah Tuttle

Advisor: Otis Johnson


Chair: Sarah Tuttle

Advisor: Elana Benitez


Chair: Leah Shaikin

Advisor: Zabrian Oglesby, Hilary Brenneman


Chair: Leah Shaikin

Advisor: Zabrian Oglesby, Hilary Brenneman


Chair: Nick Spina

Advisor: Mary O'Sullivan

Spirit & Awards

Chair: Sophie Friedman

Advisor: Nikki Hutchinson

Security & Safety

Chair: No Student Chair

Advisor: Zabrian Oglesby


Chair: Layla Hasan

Advisor: Shane Guinan


Chair: RJ Walters-Dorchak

Advisor: Nikki Hutchinson

Inclusivity & Socials

Chair: Grayson McKeown

Advisor: Jessica Rose




Registration opens on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. Regular registrations will close on
September 27, 2019. Late registration will open on September 28, 2019 and remain open until October 7, 2019. Each school has a cap of 12 people, including advisors. After September 27, 2019, if there are additional spots available, they will be opened up to schools who wish to bring more than 12 people. Registration for non-wait list delegates will remain open after September 27, however, an additional $15 per person fee will apply. Please email with the number of people on your waitlist. All spots beyond the 12 for each school will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Registration can be accessed HERE.

Regular Registration:

Delegate: $360
Advisor Double: $450
Advisor Single: $550


Late Registration:

Delegate: $375

Advisor Double: $465

Advisor Single: $565


RLC Parent/Guardian Waiver

Early Departure Waiver

Gender Inclusive Housing Waiver

CU Boulder Waiver - Bring printed copy to check-in



Our conference hotel is the Millennium Harvest House, located at 1345 28 th Street, Boulder, CO 80302.
Set amid 16 acres of beautiful landscaped grounds in the heart of this popular college town, Millennium Harvest House Boulder is the perfect getaway in any season. Due to its
unparalleled location, Millennium Harvest House Boulder is one of the best hotels in Boulder Colorado.

Additional information about our hotel can be found at:



Transportation during the conference (i.e. to and from the hotel) is included in your
registration fees. However, if you are flying in, transportation from the airport is not included.
We have arranged for Green Ride to offer transportation, which you can sign up for here: Green Ride Boulder - Focus on the Future: IACURH RLC 2019. This option costs a base rate of $38 and $5 for each person. So if you bring 10 people, your cost will be $88 one way.


Additional options include Uber, Lyft, private taxi companies or public transportation.
Information on the light-rail system can be found HERE.



Parking at the hotel is covered in the cost of registration. If you anticipate parking on campus over the whole conference, you can purchase a parking permit HERE. Please note you will need your license plate number to complete the permit purchase as we have virtual parking permits. Since the permits are based on plate number, there is no need to print a parking permit. If you anticipate only needing short-term parking, there are metered pay spots on campus.


Select meals (lunch and dinner on Saturday, plus lunch on Sunday) will be hosted in our award-winning dining facility located in the Center for Community. More information about our dining facility can be found HERE.

Breakfast each day will be at the Millennium Hotel. 
Dinner on Friday and Dinner on Sunday will be catered events hosted in the University Memorial Center Glen Miller Ballroom. All meal costs starting with dinner on Friday through breakfast on Monday are included in the registration fees.



This year’s philanthropy project will be writing letters of support and gratitude to the crisis hotline staff with the Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide intervention to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and transitioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25. For more information about The Trevor Project, please visit

Campus Safety

Information about CU’s campus wide safety plan can be found HERE.

CU has its own police force on campus. Additionally, CU uses a campus wide alert system. By providing your phone number as part of your registration, CU Conference Services will create a sub-message system to alert you if the need arises (aka, it is a system that is separate from the main alert system for CU Students so you will not receive non-relevant text alerts).

Important Numbers:
CUPD: 303-492-6666
Boulder PD: 303-441-3333
Boulder Community Hospital: 303-415-7000
Conference Staff on Call: 303-492-3443



Program proposals can be completed online HERE.
Programming questions can be sent to Program proposals are due by October 18, 2019 at 12 noon MST/11 am AZT/PST. Accepted programs will be announced on October 18, 2019.


Programming Tracks:

Personal Growth: Grow Through What You Go Through
In order to be the best leader one can be, you need to take care of yourself and show yourself some self-care. We all have our own personal goals, and we need to look at what our strengths are in order to meet those goals. It’s easy to get stuck on the past, but sometimes we 
need to keep moving forward and look at how we can be our best selves. Programs in this track should focus on how taking the time to practice self-care can help us grow as individuals.

Leadership: From Future to Present 
Everyone has a leader in them, and it takes different situations to bring them out. We all show our inner leader in different ways, whether it be using your voice or using action. We want to see how your leadership style can help your future plans become present accomplishments. Programs in this track should primarily focus on leadership development and provide attendees the opportunity to grow as leaders.


Residential Programming: Back to the Campus 
How do we get our future leaders excited about their university and RHA? Programming of course! It is fun to share your different events with others and even gain some along the way, so we want to give a space to do that. Come share, and see how programs can differ from school to school and how they create a shared connectedness within each university. Programs in this track should be ones you would put on in the residence halls or on campus in general so that attendees can hopefully implement a similar program on their campus in the future.
Service and Recognition (NRHH):  Diamonds are the Future’s Best Friend
We are in the present, but we want to make a lasting impact on our universities before its time to go. The service we do along with the ways we recognize those we interact with can help influence our communities in a positive manner, and maybe even help you leave your mark on your school! Programs in this track should focus on one or both of NRHH’s pillars of recognition and service.


Social Diversity and Responsibility: Building a Better Tomorrow
Everyone is unique, and adds something special to the group dynamic. It is important to acknowledge those differences, and celebrate them. Learning about the diversity of each person within your group is awesome, and learning about the diversity on other campuses can help show you a new perspective as well. It is easy to only see the issues that are on your individual campus, but seeing the social causes at other campuses can help broaden your horizons and create more social awareness! Programs in this track should primarily center around having a thorough understanding of what it means to incorporate diversity and inclusion on the campus level. 


Advisor Track: Guiding Through Changing Times
Our advisors are the ones who help us through thick and thin, and we have become the best leaders we can be because of them. This is the time for Advisors to get together and talk about what is happening on each other’s campus, and what makes their RHA/NRHH so great!

Important Dates

Registration Opens: Sept.10
Program Proposals Open: Sept. 10
Regular Registration Closes: Sept. 1
Late Registration Closes: Oct. 7
Program Proposals Close: Oct. 11
Programs Announced: Oct. 18
Digital Banners Due: Oct. 25
Music/Video Roll Calls Due: Oct. 25



Theme Days: 

  • Nov. 1: School Spirit

  • Nov. 2: Regional Spirit

  • Nov. 3: Strive for the Future


Banners should represent each delegation’s school spirit and their own interpretation of what focusing on the future means to them. These should also incorporate every member of the delegation and should be submitted electronically one week prior to the start of the conference.

  • Banners must be electronic.

  • Please create your banner in a horizontal format.

  • For emailing purposes, files should be smaller than 10mb.

  • Depict your delegation so that you feel that it represents everyone on the team.  

  • You can use Bitmoji or actual images of the individual delegates.  

  • Banners must be appropriate.

  • Include the name of your school and the conference date on the banner. 

  • The banners will be displayed throughout different parts of the conference.

Please submit your banners by October 25, 2019 at 11:59pm.
Banners can be sent to


Roll Call:
The theme of the roll call should follow the conference theme of “Focus on the Future” and incorporate futuristic elements of some sort. The video can be in the form of a dance, lip sync, skit, cheer, or any other creative form. The time limit is 2 minutes and videos will be due one week prior to the start of the conference.

  • Time limit: 2 minutes

  • Live or video performance will be accepted, but the live performance is highly encouraged.

  • Our theme is Back to the Future, so try to incorporate how your team sees the future in your roll call.

  • Everyone should be represented in roll call.  

  • Show as much school spirit as you can.

  • Just have fun with it!

Roll call performances will be performed Friday, November 1.
Video and music must be submitted by October 25, 2019 at 11:59pm.
Music or Videos for Roll Call should be sent to



  •  Create a pin, button, or whatever that you can trade with other schools.

  •  Make sure it is unique to your school, but also has themes of the future in it.

  •  Please do not use glitter!


We will not be hosting a display competition.

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