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Vision Statement

The National Association of College and University Residence
Halls, NACURH Inc, seeks to create a network of engaged
citizens sharing common experiences through residential
leadership opportunities.

Mission Statement

As an organization, NACURH empowers, motivates, and
equips residence hall leaders by providing them with skills and
resources in order for them to excel and positively impact
their campus communities.

Unification Statement

NACURH is comprised of individuals from a variety of
backgrounds and experiences, in recognition therein,
NACURH strives to be inclusive of all of its members. As such,
NACURH represents a truly diverse population in which
individual differences are accepted and celebrated.
Ultimately, we strive for an appreciation, understanding, and
acceptance of the diversity in all of our members.

Equity Statement

NACURH is an international organization comprised of
member schools that vary in demographic makeup,
structure, size, abilities, characteristics, identities, beliefs, and
affiliations. NACURH is committed to equitable representation
and decision-making in all practices and procedures
including, but not limited to, conference hosting, awards and
recognition, leadership development and officer roles,
resources, communication, and provision of services. To this
aim, NACURH and its representatives will protect individuals
and institutions from undue bias and influence stemming from
circumstances that are removed from the direct control of
our student members. This includes, but is not limited to,
policies established by the student's institution and housing
department, and laws established by governmental entities
with relevant jurisdiction. While acknowledging and
appreciating the diversity of affiliated institutions, NACURH
recognizes that there are relevant impacts on individual and
institutional experiences in the organization that are of
substantial and material significance. To this end, NACURH
shall intentionally consider these impacts with integrity and
with the best interests of affiliated member institutions in mind.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgement

IACURH recognizes that the geographic land upon which our
member institutions are built belongs to indigenous peoples
and tribes. We extend our deepest respect and appreciation
to these peoples, many of whom were displaced and
experience the effects of colonialism, which attempts to
erase their culture and labor. We acknowledge that our
institutions contribute towards this tragedy. We encourage
each of our member institutions to intentionally research and
acknowledge the specific indigenous peoples who are the
past, present, and future stewards of the land that they walk
upon every day, and that they publically respect and
acknowledge these peoples on a continual basis. Beyond
this, we hope that they accompany this acknowledgement
with tangible support and authentic relationships with these

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